The full motorcycle licence is gained by completing to test (Mod1 and Mod2) with a DSA examiner leading to a licence which is divide into three categories 125 (A1), restricted (A2) and unrestricted (A) dependent upon your age and the bike used

Read more on the official DSA website

We provide training to prepare for the following licences:

  • A1 - 125
  • A2 - restricted
  • A - unrestricted
  • Our training is usually in 3 hour blocks
    • 8.30 - 11.30
    • 12.00 - 3.00
    • We ask you to arrive 15 minutes early to allow for preparation to start your lesson on time
    • Please allow up to 15 minutes for a debrief following your lesson
  • Our training charges include
    • bike hire
    • full insurance
    • use of our safety equipment: helmet, gloves, jacket, trousers, waterproofs
  • See our Price page for the current training prices along with training package prices